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General Information About Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is a very addictive stimulant drug that activates certain systems in the
brain. It is chemically related to amphetamine but, at comparable doses, the effects of
methamphetamine are much more potent, longer lasting, and more harmful to the central
nervous system (CNS).

Methamphetamine is a Schedule II stimulant, which means it has a high potential for abuse
and is available only through a prescription that cannot be refilled. It can be made in small,
illegal laboratories, where its production endangers the people in the labs, neighbors, and
the environment. Street methamphetamine is referred to by many names, such as "speed,"
"meth," and "chalk." Methamphetamine hydrochloride, clear chunky crystals resembling ice,
which can be inhaled by smoking, is referred to as "ice," "crystal," "glass," and "tina."

Methamphetamine is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection, or
by smoking. Abusers may become addicted quickly, needing higher doses and more often.
At this time, the most effective treatments for methamphetamine addiction are behavioral
therapies such as cognitive behavioral and contingency management interventions.

Methamphetamine Health Hazards

Methamphetamine increases the release of very high levels of the neurotransmitter
dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, enhancing mood and body movement. Chronic
methamphetamine abuse significantly changes how the brain functions. Animal research
going back more than 30 years shows that high doses of methamphetamine damage
neuron cell endings. Dopamine- and serotonin-containing neurons do not die after
methamphetamine use, but their nerve endings ("terminals") are cut back, and regrowth
appears to be limited. Noninvasive human brain imaging studies have shown alterations in
the activity of the dopamine system. These alterations are associated with reduced motor
speed and impaired verbal learning. Recent studies in chronic methamphetamine abusers
have also revealed severe structural and functional changes in areas of the brain
associated with emotion and memory, which may account for many of the emotional and
cognitive problems observed in chronic methamphetamine abusers.

Taking even small amounts of methamphetamine can result in increased wakefulness,
increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, rapid heart rate,
irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and hyperthermia. Other effects of
methamphetamine abuse may include irritability, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, tremors,
convulsions, and cardiovascular collapse and death. Long-term effects may include
paranoia, aggressiveness, extreme anorexia, memory loss, visual and auditory
hallucinations, delusions, and severe dental problems.

Also, transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C can be a consequence of methamphetamine
abuse. Among abusers who inject the drug, infection with HIV and other infectious diseases
is spread mainly through the re-use of contaminated syringes, needles, and other injection
equipment by more than one person. The intoxicating effects of methamphetamine,
however, whether it is injected or taken other ways, can alter judgment and inhibition and
lead people to engage in unsafe behaviors. Methamphetamine abuse actually may worsen
the progression of HIV and its consequences; studies with methamphetamine abusers who
have HIV indicate that the HIV causes greater neuronal injury and cognitive impairment
compared with HIV-positive people who do not use drugs.

Methamphetamine Drug Testing

Testing for Methamphetamine use is simple.  Drug testing can now be done privately at
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drug test kit from Uritox Medical. If you have any
questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Information provided by UriTox, LLC and The National Drug Abuse Organization.
Methamphetamine Information
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Please note these are estimated times. Detection time is an average and can vary greatly.  Detection time can
vary due to multiple circumstances including but not limited to length and amount of use.
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